August 5, 2020 Taos, New Mexico

The Harwood Museum of Art

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Community Premier: Bea Mandelman Documentary by New Mexico PBS (online screening)
Friday, September 18, 2020 - 7:00 pm

Community Premier: Bea Mandelman Documentary by New Mexico PBS (online screening)

“Creation is pure freedom” ~Bea Mandelman
New Mexico PBS is bringing one of Taos’ great artistic stories to life in a special one-hour documentary about painter Bea Mandelman. An intimate portrait, Bea’s voice rings out through recently available private journals that she kept throughout her life and a candid, radio interview produced by Phaedra Greenwood in 1995. Her unmistakable voice complimented with her writings provides rare insight into Bea’s thoughts about painting and process. Her story is richly illustrated with a lifelong collection of artworks and personal photographs from Bea’s archive.
Featured are interviews with those who knew Bea best: David Witt, Phaedra Greenwood, John Nichols, Alexandra Benjamin, and Brenda Euwer.
- Bea would say, “I am trying to come up with a new vocabulary in art.” So the question is, how to do that. But, it was a question that could not be answered in words. It could only be answered in paint. ~ David Witt - There is a mystery to the artistic process and that is what she was exploring. And, that takes courage. ~ Phaedra Greenwood - She was a worker, and I respect that more than anything else. ~John Nichols - She had a long life and a long life of not being recognized. She struggled with that. ~Alexandra Benjamin - She is such a strong painter for a … Here I am saying, for a woman. Why do I have to say that? It’s awful. Why, are men better? ~ Brenda Euwer
The goal of the documentary is to further recognize and celebrate the great contribution of New Mexico’s women artists through Bea’s story. The documentary is being produced and directed by Michael Kamins and made in collaboration with the University of New Mexico Foundation, UNM’s Center for Southwest Research and the Harwood Museum.
“One should try to live in a world where one must constantly play a role in creating that world.” ~Bea Mandelman

There will be a post screening discussion with: Micheal Kamins (of NM PBS), David Witt, Phaedra Greenwood,  Alexandra Benjamin, and Brenda Euwer.
the screening is free