April 16, 2021 Taos, New Mexico

The Harwood Museum of Art

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Exhibitions at the Harwood Museum of Art reach for the museum’s vision “to bring Taos arts to the world and world arts to Taos” by serving as portals between the museum’s audiences and the dynamic, global world of the visual arts. Exhibitions stimulate dialogue by introducing new ideas into the community, by inspiring new and diverse audiences to participate in the Harwood, by engaging museum audiences with works of art that they might otherwise never have seen, by interpreting the museum’s diverse collection from multiple perspectives, and by creating opportunities to initiate and share new scholarship related to the museum's collection.    

Guiding Principles

  • Audience - Exhibitions at the Harwood focus on clearly defined audiences. Each exhibition takes into consideration the museum’s strategic goals for audience cultivation, is aligned with those goals when possible, and is informed by research documenting the needs and interests of the exhibition’s target audience(s).
  • Education – A strong interpretive element is integrated into the design of all exhibitions. Whenever possible, interpretive elements are interactive and/or multi-sensory. Educational programs aligned with the exhibition’s target audience(s) are presented in conjunction with exhibitions. The museum strives to offer some type of educational publication (gallery guide, catalogue, etc.) with exhibitions. When possible and appropriate, educational resources and programs weave a common thread between exhibitions simultaneously on view in the museum.
  • Evaluation – Each exhibition is informed by clearly articulated curatorial goals and learning outcomes, and those goals and outcomes are measured with appropriate evaluation protocols.
  • Community Engagement – Exhibitions foster and are shaped by community collaborations whenever possible, in the form of both collaborating institutions contributing content to the exhibition and educational programs developed in collaboration with organizations serving the exhibition’s targeted audiences.
  • Social Concerns – The museum’s exhibition portfolio includes exhibitions relating to contemporary local, regional, national and international social concerns
  • Quality – Exhibitions at the Harwood are comprised of significant works of art that demonstrate a high level of aesthetic quality.
  •  Balance – The museum presents a balanced portfolio of exhibitions, demonstrating diversity in audiences served, artists represented (local, regional, national, gender, ethnicity, contemporary, historic) and types of exhibitions (traveling, museum-originated, collection-based, juried, etc.).
  •  Documentation – Each exhibition is visually documented, and that documentation – along with educational materials produced for the exhibition – is preserved in an exhibition archive that is accessible to museum audiences.
  • Design – Each exhibition integrates high-quality exhibition design that is visually pleasing, that effectively communicates the exhibition’s message, and that facilitates meaningful aesthetic experiences for all of the museum visitors.                             

Note: The Museum is not accepting proposals at this time. For more information, contact the museum at Nicole Dial-Kay or 575-758-9826 ext. 110.