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The Harwood Museum of Art

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The Harwood Museum of Art of the University of New Mexico is dedicated to providing educational opportunities for all. We work closely with local schools to provide fun, engaging learning activities to teachers and students. The Harwood Museum waives admission fees for Taos County School Groups, and enthusiastically encourages teachers to bring their classes to the Museum.

Over the past thirteen years the Harwood has developed a very successful program, Art in the Schools, which brings students to the museum for visits throughout the academic calendar year. This program currently serves K through 4rd grades from Enos Garcia Elementary School as well as the Taos Integrated School for the Arts, Ranchos de Taos Elementary special education students with their inclusion classes, Arroyos del Norte Elementary K through 2, Anansi Pre-K, Taos Academy 5 & 6 grades, Homeschool Families, and Taos Cyber Magnet High School.  Anansi K through 6 grades will visit for one visit in the spring and Taos charter School will visit as our calender allows. Over 800 students visit the museum four times a year as part of this program. Children have become increasingly comfortable in the Museum setting, are learning important skills, developing inquiry, and learning to be freely creative.  Each visit a different area of the Museum collection is explored, from special exhibitions to work in the permanent collection. This exploration is facilitated by the Harwood's education team who tailor each visit to the skill levels and special needs of each class. After visiting the galleries for an interactive discussion and examination of works, techniques, ideas and histories, the class walks over to the Fern Hogue Mitchell Education room and gets to work creating their own art, supporting topics  presented in the Museum. The Harwood continues to develop curriculum for this program which is aligned with the New Mexico State Standards.

School Tours - The Harwood offers free tours and free admission to school groups from Taos County. School Tours are requested by a teacher and can be focus on either highlights of the Harwood's collection or on specific areas of study.  The Museum educator will develop a tour that fits the class' needs. School Tours can also include a studio art component, which reinforces the concepts and ideas covered in the Museum.  Examples of tour themes include landscapes, portraits, realism, abstraction, Hispanic traditional art, prints and their makers, drawing, sculpture, plein air painting, recycled art, the Harwood's permanent collection and special exhibitions.  If your school is interested in participating in this program, please contact the Education Department.

School Groups are also invited to visit the Harwood for a specialized tour and project to complement areas of class study. We are happy to work with teachers to design activities that focus on any area of curriculum, from art topics, to world history, current events, politics, environmental issues, math, science, social studies and writing. We also encourage teachers to use the Harwood in non-traditional ways, by bringing classes to visit the galleries and work in the space on activities that are not necessarily art focused. Museum Educators are happy to assist teachers in  developing  lesson ideas.  We are also  on hand to help make you feel comfortable working in the Museum setting.

Outreach - Currently, the education staff does not offer outreach programs except during the summer months due to limits on our time and staffing. Please contact the Museum Educator here.

Teen Engagement -  Currently the Museum includes with Taos Cyber Magnet High School, Taos Integrated School of the Arts and Taos Academy in the Art in the Schools program.  The Museum Educator continues ot explore collaborations with Dream Tree and other teen groups to bring them to the museum.  To learn more about our teen engagement programs click here.



Guidelines for YOUR MUSEUM Visit
1) Please schedule your visit  in advance by contacting the Education Department. Please provide us with the date, time of arrival, estimated duration of your visit and number of participants. We need to know when you plan to come as we don’t want to double book groups in galleries.

2) When scheduling please let us know which part of the museum or exhibitions you plan to visit. If you plan on visiting the entire museum tell us this. REMEMBER it’s best to visit the museum in bits and pieces. DON’T make kids look at everything. If you need activities, or recommendations for your visit please contact Education Department we can help you plan your time at the Harwood*

3) Before your visit please go over proper museum etiquette with students - this includes
No touching art work (please)
No running, roughhousing or loud voices (please)
Be aware of your body in space, so as not to touch art work.
Be aware of other museum visitors and respect their need for quiet
If your group gets unruly, remember you can cut your visit short

4) We have benches which can be used for your visit. When using benches, please remind your group to be careful when sitting (they can tip) and when carrying (they can do damage). We don’t recommend the use of benches with classes under 3rd grade. (if you would like to use pillows for younger groups --- please let us know and we can have them available --- no pillow fights please : ))

5) If you plan on taking notes, students are asked to use notebooks. Please do NOT use the wall/ floor/ benches as a writing support. PENCILS ONLY. NO INK PENS. This is VERY IMPORTANT. A leaky pen, or way-ward mark can cause irreparable damage to art.

6) Chaperones must accompany groups of students (high school & below). If you plan to split the group and have students tour the museum in smaller groups a chaperone NEEDS to be with each group

7) To ensure that all museum guests enjoy their visit, we ask that you understand the following practices:

a. Considerate behavior is expected of all visitors
b. In the case of an emergency please notify admissions staff
c. Any group or individual whose behavior is disruptive will be asked to leave
d. When a group is assembled an aisle for public passage in galleries must be maintained at a minimum width of 36 inches (for wheelchair)
e. Food, drinks (including water bottles) and gum, are prohibited in galleries


YES, you can draw / sketch in the museum. Right now we are not set up for painting in the museum. PENCILS ONLY. NO ink pens.

If you plan on working in the museum you need to call / email the education department in advance of your visit- we will issue you a “permit” which you will need to show to the admissions staff on your arrival.

Only art work owned by the museum may be copied Please use care not to leave any art materials on the floor, and use a surface to work on i.e. board. Do not use museum walls.

Equipment (easels, art materials, etc) MUST NOT be left unattended at any time) At the request of museum staff easels, and other materials must be moved in order to give an unobstructed view of an artwork when requested by a visitor.

FOR TEACHERS: if you would like to schedule a class visit to the museum which will include art making this can be arranged through the Education Department.

Education Department education@harwoodmuseum.org

575 758 9826 x 108

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