April 16, 2021 Taos, New Mexico

The Harwood Museum of Art

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The Harwood: A journey of the mind, a life of the imagination

The Harwood Museum of Art brings Taos arts to the world and the world's arts to Taos. That statement is far more than a catchphrase in today’s world of global commerce, communication, and interdependence. At the intersection of art and technology, we look to a new direction for the future, across dynamically shifting terrain. From there, we reach higher.

From the plow to the stars. The core of the Harwood Museum experience is object-based learning, in which personal interaction with original works of art provides meaningful links to a vibrant legacy. This is education: the encounter with art develops visual skills and learning styles; it opens multiple vistas on diverse cultures; it empowers visitors to translate such rich, creative encounters into a lifelong expe­rience. That experience begins with the Harwood’s art collection, maintained in the Museum’s historic buildings. It is a vital learning experience.

Art teaches. A core aspect of our mission is to interpret our collection for the Taos community and for northern New Mexico. By telling its story, revealing its ideas, engaging with its imagery, we relive its experience; we release the power of its art to convey its values, values that nurture a life of the mind, a journey of the imagination.

The Harwood invests in the future of northern New Mexico. We are stewards of our region’s arts, the complex narrative of which was shaped over centuries by the confluence of Native American, Hispano, and Anglo cultures against the towering landscape of Taos, beneath what Frederic Remington described as “the great blue wall of the Sangre de Cristo range.” By advancing the region’s artistic and cultural legacy, we align with the University of New Mexico’s overall commitment to higher learning and service to the community.

As a living legacy, Taos arts are an enormous cultural and educational resource to be shared with the Taos community, now and for future generations. The overarching narrative of Taos arts has been shaped by an ongoing exchange between the ancient traditions of its indigenous artists and the mainstream influences of its artist émigrés, past and present.

The Harwood strives to be the preeminent museum of northern New Mexico. At the Harwood, we enhance learning, creativity, and cultural life by educating the commu­nity and all our visitors through exhibitions, educational programs, docent tours, and public events that celebrate the abiding artistic heritage of Taos and the people of New Mexico. We seek community enrichment through global engagement.

See entire Strategic Plan (33-page PDF, 583kb)